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About us.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.
derbrill is an IT consulting company in the far north of Germany. From us, you can get to Denmark quicker than to Hamburg. We are a small team of IT experts from different areas. Our activities are roughly divided into two departments: team data and team video. Of course there is some overlap there.

Team data

  • EDI initial consultation
  • Implementation of A2A and B2B processes
  • Database design
  • Creation of specialist applications

Team video

  • Creating training videos
  • Setting up content for LMS systems
  • Drone flights
  • Real and animated videos

We see ourselves as craftsmen - not magicians. We do things that can be learned. Without dazzling. Straightforward. Typically northern German. If you want to know, we will explain to you how what we do works. When we get to know each other, we ask a lot of questions. Not because we are slow on the uptake, but because we have to understand the context. Processes can only be implemented cleanly if the requirements that must be met are understood.

Malte Brill Malte Brill Senior Technical Consultant, CEO
Dirk-Malte Bornemann Dirk-Malte Bornemann
Head of Videoproduction
Jörg Drebing Jörg Drebing
Senior Technical Consultant B2B
Thomas Fuhrt Thomas Fuhrt
Senior Consultant applications
Neil Dreyer Neil Dreyer
Junior Consultant applications
Mandy Rieckmann Mandy Rieckmann
Content Creator
Martin Liemen Martin Liemen
Drone Pilot
Kristoff Crab Kristoff Crab
Tutorial specialist


We have been developing individual software solutions for our partners throughout Germany since 2004. After smaller releases, mainly for Macintosh computers, our work became more and more data-centric. We developed in a programming language called LiveCode, which enabled us to quickly and efficiently create input masks for various data sources. In collaboration with the Scottish developers, the library animationEngine was created, which is still used in numerous liveCode projects today. LiveCode sees itself as the heir to the Apple authoring system Hypercard. For this reason, we were hired to develop a recipe management program for traditional Chinese medicine, based on a Hypercard application. This project was followed by a multi-user and group appointment calendar. These modules had to be docked to an existing clinical information system. Due to a lack of interfaces, there was no other choice than to implement communication directly at the database level. Many lines of code were written and a very comfortable system was created for the users of the software.

At the same time, Malte Brill was an active member of the forum of the magazine MacLife and earned his first spurs as a technical editor. A three-part tutorial series on LiveCode was published, and Malte then moderated the German-language LiveCode forum. Contact with the company Lobster was made through this channel. Between 2007 and 2008, Malte actively supported the development of the Lobster datawizard (now Lobster _data) client up to version 3.5.4.

In 2009, the development of the archaeoDox project began, an excavation database that was used as standard excavation software in the state of Schleswig-Holstein from 2010 to 2023. The archaeoDox project was expanded to a web application under the name In addition to Lobster _data for the API, Lobster Pro is also used to create the interfaces.

Since 2011, Malte Brill has been working as a trainer and consultant in the Lobster _data environment, first under the Lobster flag, now as a partner. In 2016, Dirk-Malte Bornemann joined derbrill as head of the video department. Together, the two developed a concept for additional teaching material on Lobster _data, some of which you can now find in the online help.